Cloud Services

Work anywhere by migrating to the Clouds

It’s about time you reserve your slot on the cloud with enterprise cloud platforms like G Suite and Office 365. Google’s G Suite is a collaborative and simple platform to run any business, irrespective of its size. With Microsoft’s Office 365, transform your favourite office applications of Word, Excel & Power Point along with your Business Emails to the Cloud. Both these platforms lets you edit and have a version of your email and data assets on your device as well. Al Fuzail has extensive experience in helping enterprises migrate to the cloud. Depending on the needs in your organizations,we help you migrate to the cloud without any data loss or hassles.


Experience the Benefits of an ‘On the Cloud’ Enterprise

  • All time availability of your email data and content assets.
  • Automatic Backup & Assured Security of your Data.
  • Easily share and collaborate with virtual storage.
  • Substantial savings in managing your data.
  • Scale up or Scale down your cloud needs almost instantly.
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The G Suite is a compendium of all the essential business tools. It empowers your entire organization to communicate, share, edit, message, plan and communicate with remarkable ease. With applications like email, calendar, hangouts,drive and a series of editors (like word,presentation,reader, keep, sites) for creating and sharing content, your entire organization is connected like never before. With its well integrated android support,your enterprise would have a powerful mobile collaboration suite.

Key Advantages of Migrating to G-Suite

  • Custom spam and inbound mail filtering tools with powerful spam filters.
  • Powerful tagging features with optional email archiving, generous storage options.
  • Easy integration with third party apps with google chrome and play-store.
  • Custom sharing rules on folders and documents.
  • Centralized storage space on google drive, Easy to organize and even more easier to maintain.
  • SSL connections with G Suite ensures secure access to files and communication.

Office 365 offers a comprehensive set of messaging and collaboration solutions from Microsoft. It helps you move your favourite microsoft applications to the cloud with secure, anywhere- anytime access to email, calendars, Microsoft Office, instant messaging, video conferencing, sharepoint and file sharing. It is a powerful way to organize your business assets on the cloud.

Key Advantages of Microsoft 365

  • Accessibility anywhere and anytime
  • Seamless Team working Possibilities
  • Secure cloud storage options
  • Integrated suite of all your favourite apps
  • Mobility for your entire organizational assets
  • Smart integrations with your windows devices

Get in touch with our experts if you are looking for solutions to quickly migrate to the cloud and for a secure approach to manage your company’s digital assets.