Your Partners in your Transformation to a
Unified Digital Enterprise

We have helped the most complex organizations interact, communicate and compete with flair and agility needed in the new age digital economy. Our comprehensive collaboration collaboration solutions for enterprises include unified communications, video solutions, IP telephony, enterprise messaging and video conferencing that can make seemingly complex collaboration scenarios simple and seamless. We are trusted partners to technology product leaders like CISCO, IMAGICLE, INFORMACAST and POLYCOM.


Advantages of a Unified Enterprise

  • Drive collaboration across the entire organization – across location, across globe
  • Identify and create new business opportunities by facilitating creativity, innovation and faster decision-making.
  • Connect customers more effectively with the information and expertise they need.
  • Empower staff with mobile technology to make them more productive through collaborations anytime and anywhere.
  • Video communication substantially reduces travel costs and time.
  • Lower the Cost of IT ownership and hassles of upgrades or maintenance.
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Our Range of Solutions include



Unified Communications

Compelling collaboration begins with intuitive solutions that capture everyone’s input to deliver powerful outcomes. This is central to any unified communication mandate at organizations. As an award winning CISCO solutions partner, we can drive your business forward real time, anytime and anywhere by unifying your voice, video, data and business applications.



Customer Care

Your Customers expect faster responses, personalized care, and round the clock availability. Deliver personalized multi-channel experiences that satisfy customers with our range of CISCO powered solutions. Build a world class contact center and customer experience organization with our solutions improve your customer care.



Conferencing Solutions

Transform remote meetings into active collaborative sessions. Our telepresence solutions create an immersive, human connects that is natural, personal and equally as effective as sitting in the same room. Simplify the meeting experience with tailormade solutions that bring teams together.


Solutions addressing Business needs

Unified and Instant Messaging Solutions

As trusted partners to the messaging technology leader Informacast, we provide integrated mass messaging and alerting solutions across or between enterprise premises. Improve productivity and business growth with the ability to see who has read notifications, escalating messages to broader audiences and by know who needs what kind of assistance. With multi-format relays like text, audio and images, messages can be sent as SMS, email, calls and device notifications.

Telephony and Video Conferencing

We offer powerful telephony devices and video solution implementations for connecting your workforce seamlessly. Through range of CISCO offerings, we help you identify and implement VOIP, IP, Video Telephony solutions that are streamlined and secure.