Utilizing technology to create novel learning experiences

Technology has changed the way we learn. With the advent of collaborative tools and smart devices, educational content can now be shared with learners in novel ways. Educational institutions need scalable, secure and robust infrastructure that can support the burgeoning number of learners, novel delivery media, and increasing cybersecurity threats.

Fuzail is a certified and award-winning CISCO Partner, and can help in implementing a range of advanced wireless solutions to deliver high speed connectivity services securely. We also supply a variety of cutting-edge, high performance networking devices from Ubiquity Networks. Ubiquiti offers numerous platforms, covering every wireless application, including UniFi, airFiber, airMax, PowerBeam, EdgeSwitch and TOUGHSwitch.

Our expertise in cloud technologies and a wide range of services enable us to use sophisticated engagement methods and help manage every facet of your digital education strategy. We help you achieve any of your institutional objectives, such as providing support for your enterprise systems, delivering a cloud solution for your institution, or becoming a completely digitally connected campus.

Our various services and a network of trusted partners enable you to:



Provide the necessary infrastructure and services for collaborative teaching and learning platforms



Facilitate the implementation of Internet of Things for educators and learners



Implement advanced wireless solutions to deliver high speed connectivity services to a wide number of devices that are using the academic content



Manage cloud-based learning management