In the Business of your Connectivity!

Extended outages and intermittently slow connectivity affects performance of critical applications and stalls your business growth resulting in lost revenue and opportunity. With our wide range of enterprise wireless solutions in partnership with Cisco, Ubiquity and Cambium we make sure that you are always connected to win! We provide continuous monitoring, usage alerts and security for your wide range of wireless connectivity needs.

Think Wireless. Think Al Fuzail

The Most Advanced Range of Wireless Solutions




As a certified and award winning CISCO Partner, we help SMBs and Large Enterprises in implementing a range of advanced indoor, outdoor and cloud-managed wireless solutions to deliver high speed connectivity services securely. With Cisco’s range of wireless network offerings, we empower employees, customers, and stakeholders with seamless wireless access through solutions like Cisco Mobile Workspace, Connected Mobile Experiences and Cisco Access Point Products. We can configure and set up highly secure and reliable wireless connections for both your indoor and outdoor environments.



Point to Point

We can help Enterprises to bridge networks or share broadband across a very long distances. With our secure and flexible point to point wireless solutions, you can share seamless connectivity between buildings and remote sites. We supply high quality Ubiquity Network devices. Ubiquiti Networks provide a variety of high performance networking technology for enterprises. Ubiquiti is a frontrunner in manufacturing wireless communication devices. Ubiquiti offers numerous platforms, covering every wireless application, including UniFi, airFiber, airMax, PowerBeam, EdgeSwitch and TOUGHSwitch to name a few.



Access Points

Outdoor wireless networks empowers you with real-time access to people, applications, and network resources. We can help you deploy outdoor access points in a variety of environments by providing deep network insights and by enabling smarter network management processes. As a Cambium Implementation partner, we can quickly facilitate outdoor Wi-Fi to help you staying connected with your communities and customers. Our Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) wireless network solutions bring Wi-Fi where you need it, without the expense of wired infrastructure.