Remote Infrastructure Management

Cutting Edge Infrastructure Management to keep you ahead of your Competition

Businesses need a reliable and scalable infrastructure that is in sync with the constantly changing business and competitive landscape. Al Fuzail provides scalable, secure, quality remote infrastructure management services. We provide end to end management and support of IT assets regardless of your business locations. Our RIMS is equipped to be an integrated offering to help you streamline and scale your Infrastructure to grow your business in the competitive landscape. With our services majority of issues could be resolved from remote locations.

With our proven expertise 24×7 SLA based services you need not worry about any compliance concerns and focus on on achieving your business goals.

With our expertise by your side, enterprises easily standardize IT procurement, reduce downtime and experience much improved alignment with all their strategic business initiatives. We help you achieve your business potential with improved productivity and optimized assets utilization.

Asset tracking and Analytics

IT environments are often complex with multiple integrations. There are progressive scenarios where performance of your enterprise digital assets are hinging on your IT infrastructure. As a part of our Asset Tracking and Analytics service, we help you improve business productivity and reduce support costs by giving you unparalleled control of your Cisco IT infrastructure. Using Real-time Asset Data Analytics and monitoring, we give you prescriptive advice to make improved infrastructure decisions.

Salient Features of Our Asset Tracking and Analytics Service

  • Realtime reporting, field notification and monitoring of security alerts, CISCO hardware and software assets.
  • Integrated Reporting and Prescriptive Analytics with dashboards for asset performance, vulnerabilities, support status, time lapse comparisons and trend spotting.
  • High Returns on Investment by optimizing your maintenance costs with our standardized configuration capabilities.
  • Intelligent and Automated Processes to reduce risk of security vulnerabilities.
  • Effectively manage standard operating procedures with our expertise.
  • Improve Asset Management Lifecycle with our expert recommendations and advice.

Managed services for data centres

A predictable and performing data center is central to your business growth, especially so in a Hybrid IT environment. Our managed IT infrastructure services ensures a trustable, agile and efficient data centers. Enjoy uninterrupted access to your applications with transparent and holistic view of your data center performance across networks and premises.

Salient Features of our managed data center service

  • Centralized Portals to manage multiple vendors under a unified interface.
  • Secure, Reliable and Scalable Storage Infrastructures to enhance your data performance.
  • High Performance Server Management with real time monitoring and 24*7 access.
  • Deep expertise in virtualization, physical server, converged infrastructure and operating systems.
  • Decades of experience in managing high on performance diverse servers like those hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid data centre model.
  • We are Trusted Partners to CISCO, Watchguard, Barracuda and Sophos.
  • Globally available service delivery model irrespective of your location.